"Got to the Keyhole in record time....for me anyway. Took 2 more capsules when I got there. Made it up and down without puking.  Since I'm a low-lander this stuff helped make the trip much more enjoyable and the high elevations more tolerable." 
                                                             Curtis M. Alabama 2018
"I've done 3 fourteeners this summer and the last one was the easiest. It's probably because I started taking this Gold stuff in preparation. Good product."         
                                                         Josie M.Vermont  2020

"You know that trail by the alpine visitor center in RMNP? Last year I couldn't begin to make that hike. I was hoping this product would help me...and it did. Made it with ease. I'm 71 and now I'm ready to tackle Long's Peak...yeah, in my dreams!" 
Bill V.  Denver  2017

"It (Performance GOLD) has made everything easier, biking, kayaking, running. I'm a lot stronger. All my weights have steadily moved up in the gym. Thanks Muscle Valley for such an incredible product."
                                                       Daniel T.  Nevada  2022